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Help Wanted! Recording Secretary needed for 2017

The Chapter is looking for someone to serve as Recording Secretary during 2017. There are 12 business meetings of the Chapter Board annually and one of the general membership. For additional information, please contact Stephen Buckhout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (408) 255-6233.

Recording Secretary Job Description

The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all business meetings of the Board or the membership and shall perform such other duties as are prescribed by the Board or the President. The Recording Secretary must be a member of the California Native Plant Society at the time of appointment or election, and must remain a member in good standing during her or his term in office.

  • In the minutes, the Recording Secretary notes the individuals who are present, records group decisions and writes down actions in the order that they occurred. Discussions are not recorded nor individuals quoted.
  • Once the meeting is complete, the Recording Secretary prepares a formal version of the minutes and distributes copies to the Chapter board members.
  • The Recording Secretary may work with the presiding individual to create an agenda for the Board meeting.
  • The Recording Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of previous meetings. Once the minutes for a meeting have been approved, the Recording Secretary files them in the Chapter’s electronic archive with a notation indicating that they have been approved and the date on which approval occurred.

At the end of her/his term, the Recording Secretary transfers all appropriate records and materials to the incoming Secretary, and provides training with regard to both the responsibilities of and the procedures for the position.

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