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Park Reports

May is a fine butterfly month at Alum Rock. One of my favorite trails to take then is the Sycamore switchback trail, which climbs a steep

Western White

 slope on the southeastern part of the park.

The Buckeye trees are in bloom as well as the Blue Elderberrys. 

There is a profusion of butterflies taking advantage of this, and it's wonderful to see.

This is a Western White butterfly on a buckeye inflorecence.

 (Aesculus californica)








Checkerspot on Buckwheat


Checkerspot on a buckwheat. the buckwheat.  Eriogonums are great pollinator plants. There are quite a few on the rocky outcrops half way up the trail.









sarah orange tip


Sarah Orange Tip on a Buckeye flower. (Aesculus californica)










Checkerspot on Golden Yarrow



Checkerspot on Golden Yarrow (Eriophyllum confertiflorum)

FEB 20 2015:  All the warm weather has created an early spring at Alum Rock Park.

Blue Witch along the parling lot

Blue Witch is growing along
the side of the Parking lot 1/2 mile into the park
before the bridge.







Buttercup is growing 
in many places but one
is along the trail, 
near the bridge, 1/2 mile into the park.








Small Flowered Nemophila


Small Flowered Nemophila
grows along Penitensia creek
on the way to the south rim trail








Milk Maids

 Mild Maids is growing allong the creek
and in the shady parts of the SouthRim Trail









HIllside Star


HIllside Star grows in the shaded parts
of the South Rim Trail







California Saxifrage


California Saxifrage Is growing on the 
South Rim Trail in the shaded northern section

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