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Chapter Guidelines Update 2016

Our chapter guidelines are like our constitution – the basic rules for how we are organized and how we perform our activities.  The previous version was last updated in 2005.  Periodic updating is always needed, but it is sufficiently labor intensive that the intent is to make the new version a good fit for 5-10 years.  The board approved a draft version at our October 13 meeting.  Our members voted to approve the draft at our November 12 Member’s meeting.

You can view the new guidelines or download a copy as a PDF.  You can also leave a message at our chapter phone 650.260.3450 and we can mail them to you.  The main changes are:

  1. Board selection is more clearly defined, making it simple to determine a quorum.
  2. Board members will be asked to commit to attendance at board meetings for more continuity in solving problems.
  3. Dedicated chapter members who are not committee chairs or officers but wish to contribute as board members now have a process to become board members.
  4. Fiscal year is defined.
  5. Align board terms and budget process for smoother operations.
  6. Update the duties of officers, board members, and committee chairs to reflect current practices and the needs of the chapter.
  7. Define committee conflict resolution process
  8. Clarify chapter membership rules for CNPS family memberships.
  9. Align guidelines with current version of state CNPS bylaws.
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