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The Gardening With Natives group of the California Native Plant Society (Santa Clara Valley Chapter) provides a yahoogroup-based email discussion forum or egroup for those interested in growing California native plants -- in their home gardens, parking strips, school gardens, parks, and elsewhere.

This egroup is a forum for communication, for asking questions, and for offering helpful answers. Members come from all backgrounds, from beginners to experts. This forum is particularly welcoming of those new to native plant gardening; they are encouraged to join and post their questions.

This egroup also carries announcements of major native plant gardening events in the Bay Area and around the state.

This egroup is open to all and is moderated. It currently has over 1300 members. Email traffic ranges from 3 to 7 messages a day.

To join, visit, and click on the "Join This Group" button.

Alternately, type your email address below and click on the "Subscribe" button.

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