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Native Hill

Native Hill - Update March 2016

Author: Tom Lee

Native Hill workday: Biology students pulling out radish - photo by Tom Lee

Foothill College is making progress in improving Native Hill. Recently Foothill College completed some Measure C construction work in areas adjacent to Native Hill. For example, the parking lot pathway that divided the Native Hill into two gardens was improved. While this construction was underway, a long awaited irrigation project was put on hold. Now that the Measure C work is completed, most of the Native Hill garden has a new irrigation system installed and the irrigation system will be soon connected to an irrigation controller. In the meantime there are occasional workdays at Native Hill with students from the Horticulture and Biology Departments.

Many of the specimen plants, most of which date back to CNPS, are mature sized. Several species are blooming profusely right now. The newly routed bus passes by a row of Salvias, Aesculus, Arctostaphylos and Cercis that inspire the students with native plants. As with any garden keeping up with the ongoing maintenance tasks is a challenge, and more volunteers can make a big impact in keeping Native Hill in top shape.

The photos above and below were taken by Tom Lee on March 18, 2016, as he joined a workday at Native Hill with a large group of Biology students.  The work was pulling out weeds and invasive grasses and then applying mulch.

weeding teamwork leeweed bouquet leesmiling for the camera leepulling weeds is fun leebiology class removing invasive grasses leeMulched hillside: the workday after shot at Native Hill by Tom Lee


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