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What Is the Natural Resources DataBase?

The Natural Resources DataBase is a compilation of observations of flora and fauna made at open space and nature preserves and parks in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The database can be searched for available data on flora, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes seen at one or more preserves. The database was designed and implemented by Dennis H. Smith, who also entered and maintains the data. Bill Korbholz adapted the database for Internet use and designed and implemented the web interface. The system was a popular source of lists for use in the field, and provided users with a wide variety of options -- including checklists, plant lists and more.

Although many of the preserves represented in the NRDB are a part of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, MROSD is not affiliated with the NRDB nor is the District responsible for the maintenance, quality, or accuracy of data represented by the NRDB. Collection of specimens on preserves represented in the NRDB requires special permission. Contact the managing agency for more information.

As of its last update on 3/31/2020, the database contained information on 4,510 plant and animal species found on 238 preserves within the greater San Francisco Bay Area. There have been 95,155 sightings recorded to date. Plant lists from NRDB have been copied to and Calflora.

Accessing NRDB lists on

All of the plant lists from are available on under Local Plant ID Lists. Lists from will include "List Source:" under the list name.

Accessing NRDB Observations at Calflora

Tens of thousands of NRDB observations have been transferred to Calflora. The focus of the NRDB is what species are observed at named preserves. The focus of Calflora is where named species have been observed. Calflora provides a mechanism for getting a plant list for a given preserve, but there are currently some caveats. Every species in Calflora is accompanied by observation records. Because NRDB data were entered into Calflora as checklists, you must check the 'include surveys/checklists' box on the Observation or Observation Hotline page. NRDB observations will appear withObserver = Staff, and Source = Natural Resources Database -

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